Mission Semi-Impossible



We’re already seven and a half minutes in, phasing and relocating any surviving mortals we’ve been able to get our hands on in time; alternating between moving them into smaller water bodies, including the Ganges and the Red and Mediterranean Seas, and spiriting them directly to the Pacific and Indian Oceans depending on their currents and respective levels of hydro traffic—which, in a situation like this, is constantly high and in flux for pretty much all of them.

The whole thing has panned out to be overwhelming and unpredictable: a dangerous and volatile combination.

I was initially apprehensive about using human constructs like the Panama Canal, but we don’t have the luxury of being picky about where to phase survivors. There are just too many creatures to move and not nearly enough options, time, or Reapers.

We continue to phase them as quickly as we can despite the hectic and chaotic situation, temporarily atomizing their bodies and transporting them in very rapid bursts of energy through space from one location to another; from imminent danger and sure death to a much less doomed fate, and if not to immediate safety, then they’re at least given a window of opportunity to survive—a very narrow window for most of them.

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