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Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Eight (Role Play Edition)

Every hair on your naked body stands at attention, acute sensation over your chest making you hyperaware of your exposure. Your vulnerability. The cold water flirts with your breasts, lightly swishing against their underside and occasionally rising to tickle the swell of your flesh with your strained, unsteady breaths. It’s as if the water is reaching for your areolas, as well, wanting to violate your tender peaks. A rush of air bursts from your lungs that can barely draw breath when Frost’s long index finger grazes the curve of your… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Seven (Role Play Edition)

Don’t break your bond… Frost’s voice summons the near past even as it commands the present. “When you blow air into this soapy mixture, the reduced surface tension allows the solution to stretch readily around the airflow, creating bubbles,” he explains. “The remaining surface tension continues shaping and supporting the bubble structure, pulling the liquid film into the most efficient shape—a sphere.” You shudder as the paperclip resumes trailing over your exposed skin, making lazy loops along your collarbone. Frost continues his erudite lecture, taking his sweet but moving without… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Six (Role Play Edition)

Still, you would never think to use a paperclip to tighten your frames. Simple yet ingenious. You can’t suppress the unwelcome acknowledgment of his resourcefulness even as apprehension coils inside you. You feel the adjusted grip of the handles at your ears and temples as they burn hot at his nearness, from being in too close proximity with the scorching blue fire that are his eyes. They’re secure on your face, sitting on it like a paradox; a piece of armor, a barrier meant to clarify your adversary’s hand against… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Five (Role Play Edition)

Your heart accelerates at hearing those words again so soon, blinking against the loaded command. “You always have a choice,” he says, reiterating the claim he made to you. “Choose whichever you like best. You have a range of options. A rainbow, really.” You jolt at that, looking at him warily, the mention of a rainbow and the way he says it clearly alluding to Mindy’s Rainbeau Service. Your eyes twitch with the urge to roll despite your apprehension, incredulous that this deviant patron of said service is patronizing you… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Four (Role Play Edition)

Standing in the sunken cavity, your senses are heightened, dread growing with the water steadily rising higher around your helpless, trapped form. Each uptick marks a silent countdown to the unknowns that loom ever closer. Frost literally towers above you, his piercing gaze moving over your face, your body, before focusing on the trio of equidistant bottles surrounding you. You stare at them too, tension fueling your shallow breaths, acutely registering the weight of water submerging your legs. Ominous block letters stare back, their oppressive presence reinforced by that of… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Three (Role Play Edition)

Frost takes a long good look at you, and you can’t tell whether he’s admiring his handiwork or wants to do it over. But you’d rather not know what’s going on in the perverted sociopath’s mind. You exhale through a violent quiver, air leaving your nose with effort around the Kegel in your mouth, and the sight must please Frost because his icy eyes are etched with a glimmer of fire despite his hard disposition. He turns away to walk out of the basin, leaving you to watch his retreating… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Two (Role Play Edition)

The words reverberate through your being, urging you forward despite the weakness in your legs. Like a tattered moth drawn to an open flame. Until you’re standing before Frost in the enclosed basin, your bodies now only inches apart, squashing any impulse to maintain some distance from him. He’s so close you can feel the heat radiate off him, centralized in his charged eyes that yours keep having to dodge. It’s like being cradled in a coffin. The chill of the basin floor seeps into your soles, a stark contrast… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-One (Role Play Edition)

A surge of confusion and disappointment floods your senses as Frost reassembles himself with an air of detachment. It’s as if the raw, vulnerable moments that just transpired were nothing more than fleeting distractions to him. Your mind races, somehow numb and wired at the same time. Everything is far too much and not nearly enough all at once. You find yourself still on the floor, your body trembling with a mix of physical exhaustion and emotional turmoil. The room feels colder now, devoid of the heated intensity that had… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy (Role Play Edition)

A strained gasp escapes your lips, clawing its way through the cracks of your abnormal breaths. Your eyelids flutter like moths, shuttering the sight of the ER like a disappearing act on repeat. In a moment of electric stillness, cold steel brushes against your slick button. Your thighs instantly move away from each other of their own volition as your clitoris makes full connection with the Kegel, your upper body sinking closer to the soiled floor again. The mingling of metal and flesh produces more sounds, a crescendo of whimpers… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Nine (Role Play Edition)

Your knees crumple instantly, unable to support the tremors in your legs around the intense throbbing between them. You slump to the floor, unbound from Frost’s cinch hold yet deprived of release. You watch him adjust his pants as you pant from the floor, shame incinerating every part of you. The contrast between your dispositions is so stark, it feels almost surreal. Frost is collected, zipping himself back up and falling into step without a hitch while you literally can’t even stand. So, you continue to watch in disbelieving, stunned… Read More