What follows is the wet, obscene squelch of Frost removing the suction cup still cruelly adhered to my tender asshole.

The sudden release makes my eyes roll back, a broken moan escaping my raw throat. Darts of intense sensation lance straight to my saturated core, wringing another aftershock from my thoroughly wrung-out body.

I pant raggedly, trembling as gravity takes hold of the warm semen glazing my back. The viscous fluid begins trailing downward at a torturous pace. It trickles languidly along my spine before finding the cleft between my now slack cheeks.

I shudder violently at the intimate sensation, the illicit contact wringing a choked whimper from my ravaged throat. Frost’s essence coats my ultra-sensitive rim, making my inner muscles clench involuntarily around nothing, the sheer depravity sending new spikes of twisted heat straight between my legs despite having just been spent so forcefully.

He rubs his softening length firmly against me, working the warm fluid into my flesh with languid strokes. I remain limp and unmoving, too overwhelmed to do anything but feel every magnified sensation of his crude ‘finishing touch’.

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