His words loom heavily in the air, sinking in even as every pore in my body fights to reject what I’m hearing. Still…I’m a bit surprised by the last addition.

As well as your own.

I frown. Deeply.

What…what the hell does that even mean?!

He wants to teach me to be respectful of my own time?

Is he fucking kidding me right now?

He doesn’t even know me!

Where does he get off spewing that kind of B.S.?

Who the hell does he think he is, assuming that I have no respect for my time?

Ugh! Seriously, this asshat just doesn’t know when to quit–

The feel of a large hand grabbing at the neckline of my shirt jolts me out of my internal rant, the jarring sensation startling the hell out of me. Before I can even process what’s happening, the sound of fabric ripping fills the entire room. In horror, I jerk away as Frost pulls at the front of my shirt roughly, his fingers gripping it as though he has a personal vendetta against the piece of clothing. The cotton continues to scream as it parts from itself, revealing my torso, and my efforts to withdraw do absolutely nothing to stop it from happening. Cool air hits my upper body a second later, my breasts heaving under my now exposed bra as a swarm of goosebumps attack the visible top of them.

He stops for a moment, his rough actions halting almost instantly as his piercing eyes fall on my cleavage, and I hear him inhale more sharply than I ever have.

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