What the hell are you doing, Ramona? My mind screams at me, the voice of reason in my head becoming loud and belligerent.

A wave of immense horror quickly follows, along with a bout of extreme blood rush and adrenaline to my head, and as a human being, I do the only thing I’ve been biologically programmed to do in a situation like this.

I freak the fuck out.

“No!” I whimper, my palms frantically pushing at his chest in sudden panic and mortification.

I’m not sure he hears me, or even senses my abrupt and extreme change in demeanor, but if he does, then he’s intentionally ignoring it and bites on my neck again, more aggressively and greedily than before. My pussy spasms erratically from the unexpected jolt of pleasure and pain that results, and another rush of hot, viscous liquid freely pours out of it, discharging onto my panties and jeans with no warning. It’s as if I just came without actually coming.

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