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1. Love is like a thrilling rollercoaster ride, full of unexpected twists that evoke both screams of terror and squeals of delight.

2. Love is like a flashlight—it can illuminate what’s hidden in the dark, but sometimes it blinds us to the obvious.

3. A successful relationship is like a gourmet meal: it takes a lot of skill, patience and finesse to bring out the flavor.

4. The most romantic thing you can do is surprise someone with a gift certificate for a therapist, so they can work out their issues on someone else’s dime.

5. Falling in love is like a game of cockblocks—it starts off simple and steady, but one wrong move and everything comes tumbling down.

6. A successful relationship is like a good cake: too much or too little of something and then it’s just “meh”.

7. Falling in love is like stepping in quicksand: you don’t see it coming, and once you’re sucked in, you’re SOL.

8. Love is a voyage of discovery, and those major bumps (in the night) are what make it worth the journey.

9. Love is like a garden: it needs some TLC, plenty of vitamin “D” and occasional weed.

10. Romance is like dancing: sometimes you step on each other’s toes when all you mean to do is twerk.

11. Romance is like a waltz: sometimes you misstep and your heart forgets the beat.

12. Falling in love is like walking into a booby trap: it catches you off guard, but if you manage to make it out alive, you deserve a medal. And a cookie.

13. Being in love is a bit like being in a haunted house: you don’t know what’s ahead, but you hope your heart makes it out in one piece.

14. True love is when you can let one rip in front of each other and still cuddle.

15. Love is like a jigsaw puzzle: you might not have all the pieces, but with enough effort and patience, it can take shape.

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