Hi! I’m Eme. Well…technically, Eme’s heart. But, same thing, right? Yes, my insides are made of decadent chocolate. Here, try some. And below me (I didn’t say beneath, okay?) are the other lovely hearts at Emended Hearts HeartQuarters.

*Aim like Cupid 💘 and take a shot 🥃every time you read “Heart”.

Basically, what started as one romance author’s book catalog has evolved into a fun, multimedia space of swoony web entertainment featuring Dreamy Knightmares© and the daring damsels whose hearts don’t give a damn about falling for them. And now we’re here!

Cute comics, racy reads, and lots of love, we bring you content that puts the heat in heart…one letter at a time.

Read, listen, print and more. Indulge all your senses to entertain your soul.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would just like to say hi, please contact any of the incredibly warm hearts at hello@emendedhearts.com

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