My eyes burn.

Really badly.

They’ve been burning since yesterday morning, ever since my eyes landed on what was inside that damn folder. And they continued to burn through today’s morning practice and all my classes.

And they’re still burning now, probably even more than they were before as I stomp through the main hallway of the surgical center.

“Excuse me, Miss, you can’t go through there,” I hear a female voice call after me, but I don’t stop.

“Miss, office hours are over. You cannot go in there!” she repeats.

Her words still don’t stop me. I can’t stop. Not when I’m cranky and pissed off and the very cause of my crankiness and anger is right here in this building. I hear her shuffle behind me, presumably to chase after me. But I still keep going.

I didn’t sleep last night. I couldn’t. At all. Not even for a little bit. And now my feet won’t stop moving. My fingers won’t stop twitching. And my fucking eyes won’t stop burning behind my glasses.

I ride up the elevator and bend into a familiar corridor, practically stomping the entire way there, and I push the door open without a second thought. My eyes immediately land on my target.

Dexter fucking Frost.

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