My heart punches itself erratically, a wild beast desperate to break free from my chest I’m scared it might actually pummel me to death. My bones rattle beneath my skin, as if they’re made of nothing more than dry twigs and dust, ready to shatter into a million pieces at any moment. My knees feel nothing short of brittle as I force them to bend, threatening to snap like crackers.

Chilled saliva pools in my mouth, my throat clamming up with every attempt to push it down between the fingers squeezing into my jaw. Frost’s eyes bore into me like a drill. Arctic, like the ice cube clanking against my teeth, numbing my tongue and lips. Yet they turn me to ash.

I shake without restraint, my entire body trembling like a fault line went haywire in my nervous system. That’s all I am right now; a large sack of nerves on overdrive. Every muscle in my body feels taut, coiled like a spring ready to jump at the slightest provocation.

Each breath is a sharp gasp, my lungs burning with the effort it takes to push air in and out of my chest. It’s as if I’m trying to suck in enough oxygen to fuel a marathon, but it’s not enough. The thuds echo in my ears, drowning out the sound of my ragged respiration.

I want to look away, but I can’t. Overcome with sheer overwhelm; the combination of Frost’s gorgeous glare, the fingers digging into my cheeks forcing me to face him, and the unraveling demand he just made. I feel like I’m under a microscope, a butterfly under glass, dissected by his gaze. I can’t look away, even though every instinct in my body is screaming at me to run.

He watches intently as I lower myself onto him, my body trembling with anticipation and fear.

Tears lick the corners of my eyes as he breaches me, forcing me to watch him watch me impale myself on his cock. My lips tremble, my chin shaking involuntarily around the ice cube and his fingers as I sink further, fighting to keep my mouth clamped as my pussy spreads wide around his thick cock head. I blink rapidly at the sensation, the familiar fullness spiked with something completely new. It’s strange, feeling the cold of the ice against my tongue, the heat of his body against my sex. It’s almost too much to bear, a delicious ache that spreads through my core. I feel myself clench around him, my muscles tightening involuntarily as I take him inch by inch.

“Hmmmnnph!!!” I moan around the ice cube, my nostrils flaring.

A mortifying, squelching sound forms as I sit all the way down, swallowing all of his hard length even as it chokes me. My body bucks and spasms around him, unable to reconcile the conflicting sensations of intoxication and panic.

My walls involuntarily tighten around his shaft, clamping down on him like a vise. The feeling of being penetrated like this is so nasty, so inherently wrong and yet so impossibly good that it’s impossible to think straight. My mind reels, caught between wanting to surrender to the pleasure and the desperate need to escape.

The cognitive dissonance of it all laughs in my face, mocking me as dangerous eyes watch me come apart at the seams. A coarse crack dislodges from my throat, dying in the confines of my mouth as the ice cube denies it escape.

My eyes squeeze tightly shut, my lashes brushing against my flushed cheeks as an intense wave of sensation washes over me. The walls of my pussy continue to clamp down hard around the thick cock filling me to the brim, spasming without warning, the contractions catching me completely off guard.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit….

A sudden rush of wetness streams out of me, coating his shaft and dripping down onto his crotch as I come all over him against my will.

“Mmmnnpphh!!!” My thighs tremble uncontrollably as they straddle his, shaking with the force of jagged, rogue lust. I can feel my juices soaking into the fabric of his pants, leaving a dark stain on the material. Despite my best efforts to hold back, my body betrays me, spilling all over him in an uncontrollable torrent.

And all through it, Frost’s gaze slices into my soul, capturing every microsecond of his domination over me. There’s something almost feral about the way he looks at me, as if he’s ready to devour me whole. And by God, I couldn’t stop him if I tried. My heart races as my eyes search for signs of the server from my face-locked position, scanning my peripheral view amid the stars still floating there.

With a sudden surge of power, he bucks his hips, catching me off guard and eliciting a muffled cry from my lips.


His hand remains firmly clasped around my face, keeping me in place as he thrusts into me with a ferocity that steals my breath away. The sudden movement sends a jolt of heat through me, making my muscles clench around his cock in response. The second hand that had been resting on my thigh moves to the back of my knee, lifting my leg and spreading me wider as he thrusts into me with a hard, grinding stroke. The new angle allows him to penetrate even deeper, the upheaval shooting a tremor along my spine. I can feel the head of his cock hitting my cervix, the pressure insurmountable as my body struggles to accommodate his size. My ass cheeks connect with his pelvis with a sound smack, so unmistakable anyone within earshot would recognize it for what it is. His hips surge upward, sinewy cords stiffening as he drives himself deeper still, that one singular, wicked motion expanding me, shredding my senses, and tearing away my ability to remain coherent through the mounting haze of sensation.


Oh, god! Oh, fuck!

A sudden rush of trapped air whistles free from my throat, and amid the dizzying tumult, I realize I’m deliriously close to the edge of another orgasm.

A guttural, hungry growl throbs in the cavern of his chest, reverberating through me as he tightens his grip on my face, forcing me to keep pace with the vile, tormenting rhythm of his merciless hips. He’s relentless, each perfectly angled stroke carving a swathe of destruction through my crumbling resolve.

The moment I perceive it—the imminent crash of my demise—I do what little is left in my power to do: I shatter.


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