He wouldn’t

But even as my mind rebels at the depravity, my body thrills at the sensations. My shoulders shake, arms trembling to keep me propped on the table. I feel his lips close around the protruding end of the straw, forming a tight seal. My thighs clamp around his head, trying futilely to close off access from this outrageous act even as my hips rock toward him.

He sucks hard, making full use of the straw to draw my arousal into his mouth. I imagine I can hear the lewd slurping sounds over the pounding of my pulse in my ears. The suction tugs at my insides, stroking me from the inside out. It takes all my willpower not to grind against his face like a bitch in heat.

I almost spit out the ice cube, whimpering loudly around it as the vulgar sensation pulls at me.

And my traitorous pussy obliges, juicing up around the malleable tube, trickling down my thighs in offering.

Frost groans against me, lapping up every drop before returning to the straw, his hunger unabated. I’m helpless, pinned in place by sensation and his implacable grip on my thighs. He tongues me hard, with sheer entitlement, using my body for his pleasure even as mine crests higher.

“So am I.”

This is him quenching his thirst? The perversion of it makes my pussy throb around the straw, releasing more fluid. Frost alternates between licking the spillage directly and dragging it through the straw. My ass wiggles toward his face involuntarily, and I feel so dirty and low for what we are doing while strangers listen on in the distance, their silence and invisibility somehow making their known presence that much more humiliating. Was the server aware of what his boss planned to use the straws for before he brought them in? Has he done this before?

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