I scream into the silicone gag, eyes watering behind my lenses. Shock and overwhelming sensation crash through me. I blink rapidly against the pinching pull on my tender skin, my nostrils flaring around expunged hot air that momentarily fogs the lower halves of my glasses. My palms ache and burn around the silicon balls compressed within them, absorbing my frustration and impulsive reactions to the demon who has decided on hell in high water.

Before I can fully process the sharp, stinging separation of the Kegel from my sensitive flesh, Frost dips his hips and then powerfully thrusts upward. He spears my slick pussy with his rigid, heavy cock without warning. The sudden motion knocks the wind from my lungs, forcing a gasp and muffled grunt from behind the gag as my eyes bulge wide with shock. I very nearly drop the Kegels clenched in my sweating palms at this unexpected and forceful invasion.

Frost doesn’t give me a moment to adjust to his abrupt entry or girth. Gripping my hips ruthlessly, he hoists me higher onto his cock, using my body as a sheath for his driving erection. The rhythm is punishing, my feet leaving the ground with each brutal ascent of his pistoning hips. Acting on panicked instinct, I bring my trembling arms around his neck for support as he forces my shaking thighs wider. His hips slam brutally up into mine again and again, the impacts jolting through my very bones. I can only cling to his shoulders and take it, sharp cries escaping on each devastating plunge.

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