Frost takes a long good look at me, and I can’t tell whether he’s admiring his handiwork or wants to do it over. But I’d rather not know what’s going on in the perverted sociopath’s mind. I exhale through a violent quiver, air leaving my nose with effort around the Kegel in my mouth, and the sight must please Frost because his icy eyes are etched with a glimmer of fire despite his hard disposition. He turns away to walk out of the basin, leaving me to watch his retreating back again while I stand in a hole in the ground, stuffed with silicone.

My eyes stay on him as he confidently strides back to the rack hoisting the monitor, swelling like the ball below them when he picks up the remote. My heart pistons dangerously when he points it right at me, my breath catching in my throat, like I’m at gunpoint. All in a split second, my eyes skit to the pendulum that repeatedly struck me, still swinging from its H frame to my left, then to the Kegel that hung from my nipples, still buzzing on the adjacent floor, before latching back to the device in his hand. Then he clicks.

My eyes slam shut, the icy fire in his disappearing from view as I brace myself for the newly placed balls in and on my body to start vibrating. One second. Two seconds. Three. Nothing comes. But I don’t dare open my eyes, gripping the basin balls like anchors, my fear inadvertently propelling me to do what he just told me to. But the balls don’t hit back, remaining still and at the mercy of my death grips and clenching thighs. Instead, a quiet but audible sound ensues. My eyes fly open, the impulse to see its source spiking my chest with even more adrenaline. My eyes dart around frantically, but I can’t find anything. Suddenly, the soles of my feet meet with something cold.

My foot jerks off the basin floor impulsively as my eyes dart to meet it, throwing me off balance for a moment before I’m forced to bring it back down to keep from falling. That’s when I see it. Tiny, almost imperceptible puncture holes in the basin floor. Releasing a gentle stream.


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