Before I can brace myself, or even draw another breath, he charges into me again, rattling my bones and blood. I croak something incoherent as he shoves himself all the way inside with such force it feels like I’m being knocked off my feet even though I already am. I gasp for air, my body struggling to keep up with the intense rhythm of his thrusts. The sounds of flesh colliding with flesh echo off the silent yet listening walls of the Emancipation Room, amplifying the unfolding obscenity.
The wet slapping of our bodies is like chaotic chanting, a symphony of wicked heat and wild heartbeats that renders me absolutely speechless.
My core is on fire as he pounds into me, each thrust splitting me open and filling me with his pulsing shaft. I blindly cling to Frost’s body for dear life as he fills my pussy without mercy again and again, forcing undignified grunts out of me with each vulgar thrust.
The sensation is almost unbearable…and yet…
Don’t! Don’t say it. Oh god, don’t say it.
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