In the realm of love and pondering thoughts,

Let’s delve into a topic, where romance is sought.

To bed or not to bed, before vows are said,

A question that dances in our curious heads.

Once upon a time, in a world of debate,

A woman named Lily, with a mind so innate.

She pondered with wit, this puzzling affair,

To bed or not to bed, with a man so debonair?

The town gathered ’round, their opinions held tight,

Each with a stance, ready to ignite.

One said, “Bed him, dear Lily, seek the passion’s flame,

For love knows no bounds, and pleasure isn’t a shame!”

But Lily, wise as she was, raised an eyebrow askew,

“Should I leap in the sheets, or wait, what’s your view?”

Another exclaimed, “Hold your horses, my dear,

To bed him too soon may ignite a fear.”

Yet a third chimed in, “Oh, Lily, be bold,

For a test drive in love, can’t be sold.

Find out if he’s worthy, skilled in the art,

Before pledging forever, let passion impart.”

Lily scratched her head, in a state of perplex,

To bed or not to bed, she felt quite vexed.

She sought an answer, clever and bright,

To navigate this riddle, with wisdom’s might.

Then a sage old woman, with a twinkle in her eye,

Stepped forth, offering counsel, oh so sly.

“Listen, dear Lily, I’ll share my insight,

It’s not about beddings, but love’s inner light.”

She continued with laughter, her words full of jest,

“The heart knows no bounds, to bed or invest.

It’s the bond that you build, the connection so deep,

That truly determines the love you will keep.”

Lily realized then, it’s not about the bed,

But the love that’s cultivated, where souls are wed.

For passion may wane, but a love that’s true,

Will grow ever stronger, whatever you do.

So, dear Lily, fret not, embrace your own pace,

In love’s grand dance, find your perfect embrace.

Whether before or after, let your heart be your guide,

And remember, dear Lily, love’s joy cannot hide.

In this realm of choices, where love’s dreams are spun,

Remember, dear readers, that hearts must be won.

To bed or not to bed, it’s a question so grand,

But true love’s foundation, lies in a heart’s demand.

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