An abrupt chill pierces my body, acute impression shooting through my center. My arms quiver uncontrollably, my fingernails carving crescent moons into my palms around the strap handles of the swing.

My mouth hangs open of its own volition, releasing a breathless gasp. My eyes gape wide open, blinking against the sensation of the solid mass he just inserted…in my ‘other’ mouth.

My brows furrow, the dazed, confused stare below them locked on the face of ambivalence, reflecting shock in silence, questioning what I can’t voice even though no answer could ever suffice.

Frost stares openly at my crotch—and the bearing he audaciously slid half-way inside it. Something carnal intercepts his clinical inspection. My pussy twitches around the foreign object and the novel sensation it brings, immediately moving to push out the insert on instinct alone. His harsh gaze lingers over my now occupied sex as though taking a mental note, blue flames setting it ablaze. It then rises to my still surprised face, severe and remorseless. The ice I’ve come to know and expect are entrenched deep within them, but glimmers of something more animated, more…alive, teeter around the rings of his irises. He regards me, almost thoughtfully. Just looking. Neither my body nor brain can decide which to be unnerved by more.

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