A surge of confusion and disappointment floods my senses as Frost reassembles himself with an air of detachment. It’s as if the raw, vulnerable moments that just transpired were nothing more than fleeting distractions to him. My mind races, somehow numb and wired at the same time. Everything far too much and not nearly enough all at once.

I find myself still on the floor, my body trembling with a mix of physical exhaustion and emotional turmoil. The room feels colder now, devoid of the heated intensity that had consumed us moments ago. I struggle to catch my breath, the air feeling thin and suffocating in my lungs.

Frost, now fully composed, takes a step back, distancing himself from the aftermath of…all that. His gaze remains fixed on me, his eyes revealing nothing but an enigmatic glimmer. Once again studying me, analyzing my every reaction, silently reveling in the power he holds.

I feel utterly stupid. For wanting him. For revealing my desperation when he clearly thinks lowly of me. When he’s obviously not attracted to me enough to want to get his rocks off the way I am to him. Even in the face of his sociopathic deviances.
I watch with my heart beating against my brains as Frost walks over to the empty basin and enters it, his tall stature easily making its way into the sleek, transparent cavity in the ground, taking up a good chunk of space.

He turns to me from within it. “Come here.”

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