The words reverberate through your being, urging you forward despite the weakness in your legs. Like a tattered moth drawn to an open flame. Until you’re standing before Frost in the enclosed basin, your bodies now only inches apart, squashing any impulse to maintain some distance from him. He’s so close you can feel the heat radiate off him, centralized in his charged eyes that yours keep having to dodge. It’s like being cradled in a coffin.

The chill of the basin floor seeps into your soles, a stark contrast to the heat radiating off Frost’s body. His presence looms over you, magnetic and overpowering. You are enveloped in his aura, consumed by the energy that crackles between you. He gestures to the balls ringed around the basin. “An oxygen atom has eight electrons, six on its outermost shell. These are the electrons it shares with the sole electrons of two hydrogen atoms to form a water molecule.” The depth of his voice seems to make the sleek cavity feel alive somehow. “But since you lost yours and consequently broke your bond, these electrons are incomplete and unstable. You’ll need to take responsibility for them.”

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