A current of energy surges through you, and you can feel every cell in your body turn dangerously charged. Your insides prickles with sheer sensation as the pendulum crashes into your clit with a zing that nearly knocks the wind completely out of you. You feel the jolt shoot through your entire body, tingling every nerve ending and igniting a fire within your core. It borders on pleasure, but with a sharp sting that cuts through the sweetness like a knife.

Your body recoils at the sudden impact, the pendulum smacking against your sensitive flesh with a hard tap. You let out a guttural cry, your voice trembling with the intensity of the clash as you grip onto Frost’s arms for dear life. His own tight grip steadies you against the metal weight, but it does little to alleviate the overwhelming sensations coursing through your body.

Every single cell inside you contracts within Frost’s powerful hold, your legs thrashing as you try to move away from the metal weight that dangles perilously close to your flesh.

The impulsive, knee-jerk action, no pun intended, only tightens Frost’s vise on you, and you become hyper aware of just how strong he is, lifting you and gripping your limbs like you’re no more than a flimsy picture frame. But you don’t want to think about the kind of picture you’re currently painting. One he’s making you. A picture of obscenity. Of iniquity.

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