I exhale impatiently, the sound of his voice and the command capsuled in it mounting the already unbearable pressure I feel.

Yeah…you’re not helping.

Just as I’m about to continue, the temperature almost seems to drop and, suddenly, I feel my nipples bunching up on themselves, until I can feel sheer tautness and an underlying, subdued prickling sensation in the pair. I struggle to swallow, feeling the rest of my chest incinerate in response, afraid to look down at it and confirm what I feel—what I know Frost can so easily see.

I truly, truly can’t even begin to describe just how tense I am; my entire body a big, jittery pile of super active nerves, fighting and clashing with each other.

My eyes practically bore through the kit even as my throat constricts painfully. Forcing myself to focus only on reading generic instructions is all I can do to keep myself from diving under the covers and calling this whole thing quits.


Step One (1): Take out the USB stick. The screen should be blank.

I spot the object in question, sliding it out of its casing much more eagerly than before—only because I find myself actually happy at the thought of making him bleed, even if only a little.

Step Two (2): Place lancet firmly over the finger and press the release button. Continue to press firmly until skin is broken and a blood droplet appears.

Fuck yeah!

I look to his hand with anticipation, but I’m momentarily distracted by both the sight and feel of his fingers, unable to stop myself from admiring their length and shape, their structure…and remembering how they dug into my skin unapologetically.

How they gripped my thighs.

How they dipped between them…

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