I have no idea why, but my pussy jumps when he emphasizes the word ‘fuck’, fluttering uncontrollably like an oversized moth on cocaine. And as soon as it does, I feel the tiniest puddle of hot liquid spill out of me, dampening my panties. I silently panic, convinced that, in its shameless excitement, my vagina just accidentally elbowed my bladder and made me pee myself a little.

But then, I feel it again. And I realize…it’s not piss.

Far from it.


And that only makes me panic even more.

For some reason, my mouth suddenly goes dry, and my tongue darts out before I can stop it, licking at my bottom lip as I silently beg my vagina to have some self-respect.

Frost catches the motion, fixating on my mouth. He brings his face closer again, his sinister eyes oozing both unrestrained sex and very little patience. Despite his unwavering hold on my face, I have to tear my eyes away from the unbearable intensity of his gaze.

He grabs the pitcher unexpectedly.

“Keep your eyes on the condom,” he says, “and no matter what happens, don’t look away from it. Understand?”

I swallow.


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