All at once, my eyes grow wide, my lungs seize up, and my throat constricts on reflex. I feel the point of impact throb with startling intensity, the roaring pain spreading like wildfire to the surrounding tissue in a never-ending rippling effect.

The nerves in my left butt cheek go into overdrive mode, their synapses firing and screaming their protest, telling my brain and the rest of my body that I’m in pain. But I also realize that the pain is laced with something else. Something more…sensual.

I can almost feel his large handprint taking form on my bruised flesh, and I can literally feel pure heat radiating from where he slapped me, scorching up like a furnace. And in that instant, my pussy follows suit without hesitation, burning and pulsing viciously in tandem with my ass cheek as a mesh of pins, needles, and tingles explode inside and around my groin, as if it got some sort of strange contact high from the intensity and speed of Frost’s inflicted blow.

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