[*A super random note (that may or may not be helpful to you…okay, let’s be honest here, chances are it won’t be, but what the heck? We can’t help ourselves so we’re going to say it anyway):
Apologies for the interruption, but please note that, despite its number, there will be absolutely no 69ing whatsoever in this chapter, or any reference to it…except for the one made here, of course. So, um…yeah. You can go ahead and get your mind out of the gutter now :). That is all. Okay, carry on!]


Four days later…


The auditorium is at full capacity for the first time in over two months; every seat occupied by a body that’s either hunched over and furiously taking notes, rapidly typing away at a keyboard, whispering something to their neighbor, or busy checking Twitter or Instagram on their phone. I’m seated in one of the rows further back as usual, amidst a sea of other music majors and minors, some of which I haven’t seen since the beginning of the semester. We only have a few weeks left until finals, and quite a few people are finally playing catch up with school work; trying to make up for skipped lectures, missed assignments, backlogged studying, and any other academic slacking that’s ensued over the course of the semester.

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