My eyes dart north to his again, only to find the icy pair gleaming in the dark knowingly, as if he’s just seen the epiphany on my face. I continue to look up at him, horrified, but nothing leaves my lips. Nothing can, my mouth parted in silent disbelief, my brain screaming the words I cannot voice.

You have got to be kidding….

He stares at me briefly, analyzing me again in the unnerving way he always does. Without a word, he walks toward me, his expression more severe than I’ve ever seen it. My breaths grow shallower as he approaches, but instead of stopping in front of me like I assume he is, he walks past me, going around the circle and disappearing behind me.

Impulsively, I whip my head around, and am sorely reminded that I can’t, my restraints allowing me little to no motion. My neck pivots as far as it can go, but I can’t see behind me. I hear a drawer slide open, followed by some rustling. A moment later, his footsteps fill the quiet room again as they make their way back to me.

He comes to stand in front of me again…and my heart damn near ruptures my chest when my eyes land on what’s in his hand.

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