My mother used to tell me about hell from time to time. Mostly when I was little and clueless about life. Explained that all the bad people who did bad things and made bad choices, who hurt others and didn’t repent for all the above would end up there. In a lake of fire. And brimstone. With the devil.

As a child I never once doubted her, never once believed she wasn’t telling me the truth. I just never thought I’d actually meet the bastard.

And I never once considered that, instead of standing against a backdrop of fire like I’d always pictured, the devil would actually be full of ice; cold and soulless like his magnificent eyes. That he’d be towering over me with the most subtle grin toying with his sinful lips as his merciless gaze devours my body.

The only thing here that’s burning in a lake of fire is my pussy, and while the treacherous thing deserves every bit of the agony it’s being put through, I’m still attached to it so it’s no less torturous for its innocent owner.

I feel his hand on my hip, his fingers grazing my skin ever so slightly, the very tips touching the curve of my naked skin like a whisper, a complete contrast to the hunger and lust in his eyes.

He brings his nose to my temple, inhaling deeply, still pressing the flat head of the crop against my other thigh. His hand moves up to my stomach, trailing over the side of my belly and traveling up my torso slowly, deliberately.

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